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The ability to evaluate the needs of an organization and then design and implement network solutions is a valuable skill...



Statistical & Research Analysis

We employ some of today's best tools to conduct an in-depth analysis of the entire network, taking a very holistic approach to the complexity of the infrastructure...





Newly deployed applications can bring networks to a halt. Our application integration services provide complete visibilty...



MOKE Technologies, Inc. headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland provides our customers benefit from network consultants with decades of combined expertise in various fields of Computer Network Technologies. These include but not limited to Systems design, implementation, research and statistical analysis, application to network integration and documentation, operational and support functionalities. 

We also provide other services such as training, project management, and other array of services with further details provided on our website.

MOKE is equally strategically positioned through our subsidiary companies, to principally engage our global customers if given the opportunity. This is done by providing avenue for services for them services in the areas of Agricultural technology and implementation, solar energy, Medical supply, Security and Access Control.

Further details on these services, are available on our website by clicking on any of the related link on this page.